Friday, July 12, 2013

A letter to TFTs :)

My dear TFTs ,

  I hope you all are doing great , I am doing great too , though a little less great ,than when you guys visited me on a day to day basis.There have been many groups before , and many after , but it's not the same feeling , not the same at all ..
  Well , it's 7 years since I met all of you for the first time , a group of typical fresher's in IT I should say :)I have seen you people grow as professionals , as individuals and as friends .I have been a silent spectator to all the chit-chats , jokes ,emotions , but enjoyed it all as much as you people were.
Going down the memory lane makes me sad and happy at the same time . Sad that I might not see you walking talking and laughing anymore anywhere near me :( .But also happy that there is such a treasure of memories which keeps me going :) Also happy to see you people still going strong as a group , but I hope  you guys remember how much fun you were and try to be the same again ;)
It's also great to see the group expanding year on year with lot more cute girls joining the group ;) I just wish , the group as of now can visit me at least once and I can see you all having  a cup of coffee , crack jokes , pull each others' legs and enjoy .
OK guys , let me sign off with the note that I wish you all more happiness , more good friends and more moments of fun.If possible we will meet in future and

share more news , maybe over a cup of coffee :)Till then , Adieu :))
Lots of love,
Third floor :)

P.S : One humble request from all of you . Can each of  also go down the memory lane and add some of the most memorable moments to this post.Please do , It will
make my existence more pleasurable :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Really Simple Story - Part 2


Not knowing what to do, I ( Pooja aka Poo) dropped down on the couch and switched on the TV. HBO was airing Pulp Fiction. It was the sequence where Vincent takes Mia Wallace on a date...
 "I do believe Marsellus Wallace, my husband, your boss, told you to take ME out and do WHATEVER I WANTED. Now I wanna dance, I wanna win. I want that trophy, so dance good."   
... Suddenly, I heard sounds of footsteps in the kitchen. I was about to get up when suddenly a suave looking gentleman wearing a dapper suit jumped into the hall! And he was carrying a handgun! But what was even more shocking than this person's sudden appearance is the fact that an image of another person I know flashed in my head when I first saw him........ KAAMNA!!! Everything happened in a split second. He rushed in, checked all the rooms and walked back into the hall. Seeing me glare at him open-mouthed, he broke into a slow grin and chuckled. 

"You are wondering who I am, aren't you? I hope you are not going mental, because I need to talk to you".

All I could do was blurt out, "Wh-Who are you?"

"Well, as you might have guessed already, I am your Kaamwali bai, Kaamna" he said, smiling cheekily.

"Stop beating around the bush. What is your real identity?"

"Can't you still guess? When there are goddamn Russian spies involved and the most dangerous one at that, who else do you think they will send other than the one and only 007?"

I was indeed going mad now. The whole situation had turned Kafkaesque.

"WHA... I DON'T EVEN...HOW? So you are the "Bond, James bond" wala Bond? And all these days you were lurking around as a maid at our place while singing songs like "Chikni chameli chupke akeli pawwa chadake aayi" and had a ringtone "Character Dheela hain"?

"Errr, I MIGHT have picked up a couple of Bollywood songs." he sounded embarrassed, "and come to think of it, my character is actually dheela, if you know what I mean. I am planning to 'visit' Katrina once the mission is complete. Anyway, now is not the time for chit chat.Do you know where Nikhil is? And just so you know, your boyfriend Ajay is working with me. We are trailing Nikhil to see what he is upto. His actual name is Nickovsky. I am guessing he is holding the real Nikhil hostage somewhere."

"Okay, my head is going to break if I don't get to the bottom of this. I have one last question. Why does Nikhil, I mean, Nickovsky have pictures of the guy, the spacecraft and samosas and why does that guy look like you? Let me show them to you. Here they are."

Bond took a look at the pictures and broke into a mighty laugh. "Oh dahlin', you really are a dumb dodo, aren't you? These are just pictures from the latest Bond movie "The last Samosa" and the bond in the movie is my look-alike, and a lethargic one at that! Did you forget the movie you just saw yesterday with Ajay? The fact that Nikhil has these cutouts just proves that he loves samosas, spacecrafts and, I daresay, men who are dressed like Bond. Okay, enough of this brainless banter. Lets look for Nikhil. Come along with me. Where there is a Bond, there has to a dumb chick along, or at least until he gets to Katrina. Lets go!"

We entered the hall and stopped in our tracks, stunned. I could sense that even Mr.Bond had not anticipated this. 8-10 people covered from head to toe in pitch black clothes(except for an opening at the eyes)  and holding gleaming katanas were standing on all corners of the hall, ready to attack us.

They could only be... NINJAS!

"So either the Russians are completely out of guns or they are just promoting globalization by employing Japanese Ninjas," Bond quipped. I said, "Shut up with your quipping and do something. These ninjas will slit your throat before you even open your mouth again.".
"As you wish,sweetheart," he quipped again, and followed it up with a quick smooch.

( I HAD to introduce ninjas !!! :D Okay, since everyone else had Pooja as the first person, I continued with it. Except for John, where Ajay was the first person.  We will ignore that loophole. There is a heavy-weight action sequence coming up. Since there are ninjas involved, I want to pass it on to Krishna, but I am tempted to pass it to John too since it will be a good deviation from his usually romantic spinoffs. :D Your call, guys.)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Really Simple Story


12:06 PM: I stared at my last samosa. I was not sure whether I should be delighted about the lip-smacking samosas I gobbled up in utter reverence or curse myself for bringing something I-just-cant-keep-my-hands-off irresistible during an intergalactic expedition. I should have known, I would not be able to keep my hands off the darned triangular-shaped yumminess long enough for them to last the entire journey. Agreed, the latest version of the Samosa theorem had conclusively proved that an average person can resist a samosa for a minimum 47.2 hours.But since when did I consider myself an "average" person when it comes to food? And here I am, ogling hungrily at the last one standing, if only for a few more minutes. 60 light years away from my destination. Lazily, I flicked open Google Space on my phone and typed "Places with more than 20% atmospheric oxygen nearby". The search showed up a planet named Z-223 at a distance of 0.4 light years. I turned the spaceship in the general direction and 45 min. later, I landed on the crimson brown surface of Z-223. Time to look for signs of water and food.
7:45 PM: I lay spreadeagled on my back with the blazing 45 degree sun incessantly beating down on my face. I had not found an ounce of water on the god-forsaken planet.There was nothing to do but to wait for the end. Time stretched into eternity. My whole life reeled flashed in front of my half-closed eyes - my school playground, Jurassic park at the theatre, mom and dad smiling at me, the naughty look on my wife's face and... the one last samosa which turned out spoilt. My consciousness was slowly fading away. There was nothing to be done. It was all going to be peaceful in the end. And then I hear it, feebly at a distance initially and then gradually increasing in volume. It was unmistakable now  " ....ishaq ke naame pe karte sabhi ab raas leela hain, main karu toh saala character dheela hain, ooo main karu toh saala character dheela hain". For a moment, I forgot everything else and laughed out as loud and huskily, as loud as my dying voice could muster. Is this song playing in my head? I wondered. Or... or is someone actually playing this song now? In 2084 A.D. and 240 light years away from Earth!!!? 


7:45 PM:
Planet Name: Z-223
Meanwhile in the parallel universe...... where the Homo sapiens never heard of samosas(forget samosas not even  rice), where they still believed Sun and stars are the sovereign power,where their day to day calculations are based on nature's hypothesis, where they still used stone to kindle fire, the guy who went on intergalactic expedition in the other universe is just a forager here, who hunts for his survival, who wants to kill the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex and dreams of becoming the head of his nomadic group, is now on a mission to capture a giant toothed bird, Archeopteryx, which is the third stride towards fulfilling his dream and he knows that the entire human race's existence depends on the extinction of Tyrannosaurus rex.

 He has to capture Archeopteryx and prove his worthiness to fight against T.rex.Now sitting on the top of gigantic tree in the dark shade Camouflaged himself near the nest, waiting for the arrival of the blue-eyed beast,suddenly hears a sound of an unknown language which he cant interpret.."ishaq ke naame pe karte sabhi ab raas leela hain, main karu toh saala character dheela hain, ooo main karu toh saala character dheela hain".... There is some power which is trying to unite these two guys from two different universe,who is it ? what do they want ? why this song ? .


6.30 PM , Friday Evening, PVR theatre.
Planet name : Obviously EARTH .

ME : Darling, I told you before only this movie sucks. Isn't the story too obvious to even the feeblest of minds.If this is what we call the futuristic art then god only save Karan Johar and his production house.After boldy coming out of the closet and marrying Chunkey pandey, he churns out this utter crap of a gay dude flick. Rott in hell man ... you <explicitive>

Moi DATE: But the baju wali aunty said ki this movie has lots of twists n turns and an unbelievable ending.

ME: Oh my dumb dodo, let me tell you what happens next.

 The guy with the love for samosas is lying spreadeagled crying for the spoilt samosa. In the next scene we have the first song of this movie with this guy dancing in a dream sequence with rain in it.
" Mere Khwabon mein jo aaye,
  aake Mujhe Chidd jaaye,
  usse kahon, samosa leke aaye".

Suddenly, sudd suddenly a bird swoops down from the sky of  planet z-223, and flicks that rotten samosa from the crying dude's hand and flies away. This dude gets into his spacecraft and buckles up and starts the engine and to his disbelief sees that the bird just moved 100 mtrs to his right and perches on a tree.
So he unbuckles, jumps out and runs after it.

Meanwhile another guy in a parallel universe sitting on a tree waiting for the bird is singing 
"Ho Koyal Koohke Hook Uthaye
 Yaadon Ki Bandook Chalaye
Baagon Mein Jhuloon Ke Mausam Wapas Aaye Re
Ghar Aaja Pardesi Tera Des Bulaye Re" 

 He sees a guy in a space suit running towards him< both the bird and the guy are on the same tree> shouting " that belongs to me, please come back ". Both their eyes meet and fall in love

Then we have the final song 

"Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam
Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam
Ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum
Teri baahon mein mar jaaye hum"

Moi Date: Oh , yeh movie toh superhit hoga. And what about that other song " ishaq ke naame pe karte sabhi ab raas leela hain, main karu toh saala character dheela hain, ooo main karu toh saala character dheela hain"?.

Me: That song is played in the ending credits period with Karan and Chunkey Dancing to it.
Now lets go home.

Moi Date: Lekin Picture abhi baaki hai na.

Me: Ghar chalo na. main tujhe Dirty Picture Dhikaoonga :).

Place: My Home
Time : 8.30 PM

Moi Date: Nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..... yeh kaise ho gaya.........


Friday Evening, Fallen on the floor
Place : FLAT NUMBER 13B .
TIme : 8:31pm

"Ab main kisiko apna muh kaise dihkaungi....."

There goes our kaamna, the kaam waali bai again! ;)
Its been the 3rd time in the week, tat she has been caught sleeping on the couch  n mouthing half finished monologues from her dream. SIGH!
It all starts somewhere in between cleaning an empty house and staring widemouthed at our 57 inch Sony Bravia LED TV , and imagining herself as the protagonist of most :D.
And somewhere between all the drifting into another world, yeah a world full of ALIENS, DIRTY PICTURE , 10000 B.C and KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA, she dozes off on the couch.
Between all those remixes, she falls down with a loud THUD, yeah u heard me right THUD, loud one and goes into a temporary amnesiac mode :D
God! i wish i cud just plug into her dreams n capture the abnormality as she describes it when u push her a little :D.....tats how vivid n varied n weird her dreams are or so she makes up :D
            Meanwhile Nikhil walks in with a broad smile, my Brother Nikhil , NO he doesnt have AIDUS :D..., but yes our Kaamna surely has hots for him.:D...If tats any less than THE incurable disease :D.
Im sure most of her dream versions would have Nikhil as her special interest :D...

There!..Off she goes on a tangent again , sighting him hopefully, with Pyaaarge Aagbittaiythe....Namdhuke Pyarge AagButtaiythe....Khaana Peene Serthailla Namdhuke...Neend Geendh Barthailla Namdhuke....
Yeah right...especially the last line! :p...
but wait....WAAAAAT!!!!!!
Nikhil chimes in with "Dil Garden Garden Ho gaya...Bhanwra bhagiyan mein Kho gayaaa"...:D
NOW.. this is unusal!.
After trying to get her off his back for years, he is actually giving Kaamna positive signs and signals !!!! :D:D
I smell WICKEDNESS and something Fishy in the air :D....

WHAT can he want actually from Kaamna , i wonder :D...


Place : Nikhil's room
Time : Just after Kamna leaves

"Where are you?? I cant find even the coffee powder in the kitchen!", Nikhil yelled when I was shuffling things from his wardrobe for any hints on the scam!
Kamna was working in our house for only 15 days and I was clueless why Nikhil was showing interest in a Kaamwali Bai, So I had to crack this case.

After searching for almost ten mins(felt like a decade), i found Nikhil's Diary in his laundry bag.
I sat down to read it. Each and every page was a big shocker !

Nikhil was not just my brother! He was a Russian spy. There were lot of pics in the Diary, picture of a guy dressed in spacesuit eating samosas ,pics of a spacecraft,some gadget that looked like a time machine and places that looked like a totally different planet. The strange thing here was that guy in the pictures resembled Kamna a lot !
Was he her twin brother? Nikhil had not written anything about this guy or Kamna in the diary.
Why didnt he tell me that he is a spy!

On the last page, I saw a line, "This aint over yet, I have to revenge"!
This was ridiculous! I could not relate to anything that was written or the pics.

Suddenly I heard Nikhil's phone ringing.  "Ishq ke naam pe karte, Sabhi ab raas leela hain. Main karoon toh saala . Character dheela hai!"
I hid in the closet, confused with the findings and also wondering why Nikhil has such a stupid ring tone!

Who was this guy eating samosas? how was he related to kamna? When did Nikhil go to space?

Nikhil rushed to the room to answer the phone, he said, "I was waiting for your call. Your work will be done today. She is at home!"

My heart missed a bit and I was numb with fear!


Place : Nikhil's room
Time : Just after Nikhil enters his room

I hear Nikhil pacing in the room.I have to think fast and do something. What is all this supposed to mean? Is this all some joke or is Nikhil really upto something? I hear footsteps coming towards the closet.Finally I decide to go out and directly question Nikhil about all this nonsense. After all , he is my brother with whom I have lived all these years.There should be some stupid simple explanation to all this. So I am about to open the door when the phone rings again and I hear Nikhil saying "Oh ! That's ok , we will plan it for some other day then. Anyway she is here all the time , now that she has vacations.. Ok no problem , I will go there now and see it to it myself , I will leave in few mins". I hear Nikhil going out of the room and I hear the the house door locked.

Now I am pretty sure that he was speaking about me.Am I just becoming paranoid for no reason? Who was that on the phone? I think I will just talk about this to Ajay (my bf) and see if he can make anything out of these photos and the diary. So I grab the photos and diary and rush out of the house.I am locking the door when Kaamna appears again.
"Where are you going didiiii" , I so hate the way she calls me didiiiiiii :P 
"Why should I tell you where I am going , why are you here now?" 
"Oh I just came to check if you can lend me 500 rs , you can cut it from my salary next month".I suddenly remember the photos and I feel I can get something out of kaamna now. 
"Kaamna , do you have a brother?" , I see her looking worried , scared and sad all at the same time. 
"Didii , don't ask me about him. Because of him I am in this state now. I don't want to talk about him".
"Does he look like you by any chance?" 
"Oh we are twins didi , so he does. But I have forgotten that I have a brother". Kaamna walks away before I could ask her anything more.She must really hate her brother , I must say ,and now I am really worried about Nikhil being in the company of such a person.
I am thinking about all this on the way to Ajay's house. I ring the doorbell and fortunately Ajay's there at home.
"Hi Poo , you couldn't wait to see me or what ;) rushing here early in the morning" .
"What's wrong dear?" , he asks since he didn't get any reply.
"Ajay, I think lot of funny things are happening at my place, I wanted to talk to you about them"
"Oh ya?Tell me , tell me . I am in good mood to laugh " and he laughs :P
I get angry " It's not funny stupid :P " . 
"Oh you just said it is " .
"If you don't wish to listen to me , let me know , I will just go from here"
"Ok , ok I am sorry dear , tell me what's bothering you?"
I am about to start telling him about all this when Ajay's phone rings. He speaks on the phone for few minutes and all I could hear him  saying is " yes yes , alright , ok , no " etc several times.
"Poo , I need to urgently go out for half an hour or so . You be here and I will come back ASAP"
Now I am angry since I am here all worried and wanting to talk to him and this guy is running away without even listening to me :P
"What's that urgent work?"
"I will tell you about it once I am back, no time to talk about it now" . He runs to his room gets ready in seconds and runs of the house.
I sit there wondering what's wrong with all these people.My brother and my boyfriend. I notice that in his hurry Ajay left behind his phone on the sofa. I pick it and run out of the the house to give it to him but he's already gone.
Let me check who called Ajay that he ran off so quickly . I read the log and its some person called Kay. Kay? Who's Kay? Ajay has never told me about Kay.. And the number seemed somewhat familiar. I take my phone and dial the number. And to my shock it's Kaamna's number! I just scroll down the call log and what do I see?  2 Call logs from Nikhil at the same time I was hiding in closet!
So Nikhil was actually talking to Ajay! And why did Kaamna call Ajay? They hardly knew each other.. OMG looks like my whole life is getting messed up in a single day , I can't feel easy until I know what all this means , but I don't know how to go about it right now ..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mangalore trip Travelogue - Part 1

Guys, here's the much-delayed Travelogue for our Mangalore trip. I'll be posting it in multiple parts, just to sustain the interest a little longer ;). If you remember and funny/interesting things which happened to you or others during the trip, mention it in the comments. Sorry if I have forgotten anything.

Feb 25
It all started with Ashu, Vids, Rash and me meeting at the restaurant at the railway station and hogging like never before. We knew this is how its going to be for the next 3 days - tables filled with loads of food. Krish came late so we parceled a meagre dosa for him. John and Shwetha would be joining us at Mysore. But until then, we had a major task at hand. Our berths were all scattered around in different coaches and we had to get our berths together. Krishna asked us not to intervene and assured us he will "take care" of this. But when the TC actually arrived, Krishna was all confused as to what our demands were. And everyone started shouting. The TC calmed us down ("yaaradru obre maatadi") and assured us that he'll get us berths together. And so we waited. And waited and then got berths near the toilet and then more waiting. And we waited for more than 3 hours till we got to Mysore station. John and Shwetha got onto the train, Shwetha looking lost as usual. Finally the benevolent TC got us some good berths and we slept for the night.

Feb 26
Morning came, charmadi ghat came and went, people woke up at leisure and Krishna was playing Sodexho on his phone. Finally we reached Mangalore and got down at the right station. We had breakfast and left for Udupi. There Shwetha posed as the Afghan woman, Ashu did her 108 rounds and then we all had a nice lunch with whatever food items we could lay our hands on at Mitra samaja, not to forget the ever tempting Masala dosa. From there, we went to Div's place to fulfil our purpose of the trip - to meet princess Ananya. We all paid due respects to our Godmother. And aunty ( Div's mom) kept us entertained with her non-stop talking. Then the princess made her grand entry. She was so tiny, everyone was scared to hold her. And of course Div gave strict instructions before we could hold her :P We took lots of pics. Sandeep came and then we all paid a visit to Div's "actual" place. Later at Div's parents' place, John taught us an amazing game - Mafia. We have played Mafia a number of times since then, and I guess some awards are due.

Best Mafia - Vids
Worst Mafia - Me ( I was Mafia like, only twice till now . And it shows on my face :P).
Best police - Krishna
Best villager - Rash
Stealthiest Mafia - Rash/Shwetha ( You'll never imagine them as mafia)
The ever-innocent victim - Ashu
And of course, The lifetime achievement award - John ,because its all his teaching :D

 Coming back, we had a sumptuous dinner prepared by the Kamaths and left for our hotel but not before we discussed our next 2 days itinerary with Div ( Div saying "Useless you are") and assuring her that we'll be calling her again for clarifications. Actually the plan was to visit the beach at night but the driver told us that its not safe at that time due to some incident and so we had to drop the plan.

BTW something happened while on our way to Div and Sandeep's place. Something which was going to change the overall experience of our trip, something which would take it to a whole new level. I randomly selected a kannada song amidst protests from everyone and then it started - Amantrisi nanna, alangisi. A song with genius smeared all over it - the start ( oooooooyeeaahh, ooou ooou  ooou yeaaah ) , the mindblowing lyrics ( komala manasu BUT hands of steel.. OMG) with just a touch of sensuousness ( mai chumbisi, for instance)  and the range of musical instruments used like never seen before. All of us were so besotted with the song that we would play the song over and over again. It was running in our heads all the time and at the end we weren't able to part with the poor driver's CD!

Back in the hotel room, it was time for our all time favorite game, Dumb charades. Biggest highlight was Ashu enacting Zubeidaa. When they were unable to guess it, Ashu went to advanced mode - she got onto the bed. Vids tried her best ( Shah Rukh Khan, Bandra Bandstand, rowdy in the river etc etc) until by sheer luck, Krish ( half asleep until then) said Manoj kumar which led them to Manoj Bajpai.I guess there wre couple of good ones which I can't recall now.

Feb 27
Next day,we get up early morning tomorrow for a visit to Suratkal beach. I have lots of memories here from my previous trip and this time was no exception. Coming early morning was a great idea. There was not a soul around and we had the entire beach to play, roam around and click mad snaps - John the Don and his (cough) gal Vids, Munni snaps, the Shwetha visarjan snaps etc. Next it was time for breakfast. Easily one of the best breakfasts ever. The first round of items were so yummy, we ordered everything available there - plates and plates of idli, vada, goli bajji, khara bhath, kesari bhath, some biscuit the waiter got, buns, mosaru avalakki - everything except for the dosa. And then we packed pulao for lunch to boot. With our tummies happy and content, we started for our first destination , Moodbidri, the 1000 pillared temple.

Krishna was cribbing throughout on the way to Moodbidri. It seems he has gone there before and he felt terribly cheated to find out that the temple doesn't even have 100 proper pillars, let alone 1000. He was so dead against visiting the temple that he even refused to get out of the vehicle. But we TFTs are no ordinary gang. We paint any place we pass by with our own colors, however dull and dreary it might have been. We got some super cool snaps there on John's cam ( my "Don" pics , for example :D). Next stop Hanumangundi falls. BTW I should tell you, monkey Shwetha kept stealing stuff from me all the time during the travel. Monkey habits don't die.

Okay then, I will stop here for now. Let people read, absorb and recollect whatever they can before the next part comes up.

Friday, December 3, 2010

TFT's Rajini Jokes Collection

I find our thalaivar's jokes to be the happening thing in our group these days... So instead of sending them in mails why not we publish our creations here in our group blog and have fun reading. I am starting it by publishing some of my creations .. :D.. Its just for fun and i request none to take it seriously :D ....

1) Rajnikanth got bored one day and started donating books and audio collections from his personal library.
Today those stuff can be found on WikiLeaks ...

2) Rajnikanth years ago "ssssshhhhhhedddd" ( silenced ) an innocent girl....
The gal was none other than our snata ..... :D ...
She has remained silent since then :D

3) Rajnikanth once told a joke to the TFT's .
Rashmi laughed instantly :D ... ( No more tubelightism ) ....

4) Rajni one day after hearing Vidya sing said she reminds him of Balasubramaniam.
So Inspired, she married a guy with the same name and today she is Vidya Govindarajan Balasubramaniam :D ...

5) Long long time ago Rajini debated with Ashwini.
Obviously Rajini lost and from then on goes around telling" Naa oru vaadi sonna , Nooru vaadi soona maadari (If i say once, it equals me telling 100 times) ..."
just to conserve his energy for debating wid her again :D :D...

6) Rajini once had a conversation with Divya in Kannada.
From then on he stopped acting in kannada films :D.....

7) Only once in his life Rajini was admitted to Nimhans.
Poor guy had attempted to read Krishna's mind :D ...

8) Rajnikanth once eveteased a cow in switzerland ..
Today the cow is so famous that Roger federer married it :D...

9) Rajnikanth once donated all his old undies and bannians to Queen Victoria.
They now form the collections called Victoria's Secret, which Rajni recently revealed .....
( Joke was going around that Rajni knows Victoria's secret :).. this is the actual secret ..

10) Rajni once opened a stunts training institute for a day. Guess who was the topper after the course ??
Jackie chan came last, Jet Li flunked, the topper was our very own Balayya and Vijaykanth was second..

11) During MahaBharath days Rajini owned a silk saree showroom...
His one and only customer was Draupadi .... :D ..

(The limitless Saree when she was getting denuded was the greatest fashion creation of our Thalaivar)

12) Rajini convinced Calvin that Hobbes was just a toy.
That was the end of Calvin n Hobbes :( ...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cochin Trip Planning Chain mails will continue :)

We all were sad just a day before yesterday as we said Adieu to one of our beloved active gang member Div for her maternity leave to Mangalore but still we were in good mood as our trip plan to cochin was still on, after so much hungama and efforts by many ppl.There was fear in everybody's mind about the Ayodhya's verdict as it's on the verge of coming out.We all were hoping for the best to happen and our trip should still be intact.The destiny itself had something in its mind,some of the members dropped out coz of some unavoidable circumstances and remaining were eagerly waiting for the verdict.
Though the verdict was not pleasing for any of the communities or even not bad for any of them,still the fear of getting into some unnecessary risks blocked us from going to trip.We all fought for coming to a conclusion for the trip and pav went into detox mode after hearing the verdict(not Ayodhya's but our plans of postponing trip).He has to be upset as he took so much responsibilities in arranging the trip and we were so close in starting our another memorable trip. Anyways its just got postponed,we got more time to continue our chain mails for trip planning, pav, come to normal mode soon :P and we will be back in our trip action soon with a BANG :).

Monday, September 6, 2010

MOM of meetup at Div's place

People present : Myself, Sandeep,Div,Sandeep,Pavan,Ashu,Krish,Vids,Hari,Surya,Vinayak

My Updates :

- Ashu tells her "long" US stories before any of us arrive , and though she wants to repeat them to us, div forbids her from doing so :D , so Ashu will send mails , each mail with a photo and the story associated with them
- Pavan also has already told about his lost and found wallet story , but though div forbids him , he manages to tell most of the " wallet,lorry and dosti" story in bits and pieces :D
-Pavan has made masala vada , one per person and I got Mangalore dish ( though div took sometime to recognize it :D) upkari. All limited stocks since we were making those for first time. Ashu was all hungry , but div again forbid her from eating until everyone arrives :D
-there was this movie aitraaz playing on TV , and pavan declares that he has seen only one scene in this movie , but in another movie :D
-Surya comes with Vinayak who makes a guest appearance and disappears :D , I think all together Surya spoke some 20 words while she was there :D but she was all smiles all thro ;)
-Vids and Hari arrive , but Vids didn't get tea :D so we had to do without tea ;)
-Krish Sandeep and Sandeep  wanted the TV to be ON so that when we had discussed a topic , we could stare at it and come up with other topics to talk about :D funny thing was , we were actually , all at a time , staring at the TV in between talks :D after the TV was switched off, people started staring at the table :D
- We start teasing krish and pavan for u know what :D but Krish starts taking this seriously and so we stop it making it clear to him that we were just joking :D
-we all eat masala vada, upkari, jamun and 7 cup cake . everything tastes great :D
-Ashu keeps saying that vids is looking somewhat different and vids says may be its coz she didn't wash her hair :D
-Everybody reserves the things that they will buy from div's place when she is shifting to Mangalore ;)
-Ashu reminds vids about " yamma yamma" song from ravichandran movie which she used hear daily in cab , krish asks sandeep not to see the song video :D sandeep goes and gets his laptop and starts watching the video of the song :D

Ashu's addition :D :

1)krish guiding  div’s sandeep…on all “A” related kannada songs!:D..:P:P…
2) Div finally uttering one word emphatically in kannada ..” “.. :D ..I forgot that word but it sounded so cute!:D…
3) Rash listening  one whole recipe from divs mil….and then saying..i will ask u when i am making it!:D….
4)Krish asking for a pic to be  clicked as and when the goodies are passed form any hand to his hand!:D
5)Vids stopping at udupi gardens bcos of rain..and still forgetting to get us tea ;)…v teased her so much papa…n she looks different with sindoor and all I guess ;)..
6)Pav’s numbering abilities of more than one per person masala vada..btw it was awesome..and yes..the special masala vada went to rash’s sandeep.
7)Vikas goin to pancharangi and calling up sandeep and asking him to avoid it .FYI rash had said “cheenagidhyanthe” ;):D
8) Surya’s ooty plans n divs and vids and rashs suggestions..
9)Vids emphasizing that we meet up at her place next time…and we telling that will happen when john arrives.

Pavan's :

-Sandeep was roaming around in Bermuda in Ooty while people were wearing woolen clothes
- And Div’s Sandeep was very slyly marketing all the goods to be sold in between breaks during talks :D
- Rash again appointed Krish to drop Vids without asking him :D
- Vids recalled her horrendous experience at my place, yet again :D


Div's Sandeep concluded "yammo yammo" video is normal
Ashu telling not to open the gifts
Everybody watching TV when we paused

-And then we all say goodbye and went home:D