Friday, July 12, 2013

A letter to TFTs :)

My dear TFTs ,

  I hope you all are doing great , I am doing great too , though a little less great ,than when you guys visited me on a day to day basis.There have been many groups before , and many after , but it's not the same feeling , not the same at all ..
  Well , it's 7 years since I met all of you for the first time , a group of typical fresher's in IT I should say :)I have seen you people grow as professionals , as individuals and as friends .I have been a silent spectator to all the chit-chats , jokes ,emotions , but enjoyed it all as much as you people were.
Going down the memory lane makes me sad and happy at the same time . Sad that I might not see you walking talking and laughing anymore anywhere near me :( .But also happy that there is such a treasure of memories which keeps me going :) Also happy to see you people still going strong as a group , but I hope  you guys remember how much fun you were and try to be the same again ;)
It's also great to see the group expanding year on year with lot more cute girls joining the group ;) I just wish , the group as of now can visit me at least once and I can see you all having  a cup of coffee , crack jokes , pull each others' legs and enjoy .
OK guys , let me sign off with the note that I wish you all more happiness , more good friends and more moments of fun.If possible we will meet in future and

share more news , maybe over a cup of coffee :)Till then , Adieu :))
Lots of love,
Third floor :)

P.S : One humble request from all of you . Can each of  also go down the memory lane and add some of the most memorable moments to this post.Please do , It will
make my existence more pleasurable :)

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